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Without any empirical data on the future development of children raised by lesbian mothers, judges gave custody to the fathers, who in the mean time had often found a new partner and offered the children a where two gay men of different family, a situation that was preferred to that of the lesbian family.

Kanenberg, K. The children born abroad in the context of surrogacy pay the consequences of this. My main informant was instrumental in finding respondents for my study. It is too strange to go into the anus. Browse Index Authors Keywords. However, the more important reason for this omission was the nature of the custom as conceived by the Nzema, as will be discussed later.

where two gay men of different

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I have been a victim before. Admittedly, the May law is a step forward towards changing the heteronormative framing of families and kinship relations, filiation, parenthood, ARTs and marriage, and towards considering same-sex parenting.

In general, they had good results in school, had a social network and long-time close friends. Using data collected through the media and through ethnographic investigation she explores the ways in which the question of gamete conservation before transition is currently taken into account refusals of the CECOS facing requests for conservation, referral of the case to the Human rights defender, pronouncements by the Academy of medicine, pronouncements by the National consultative ethics committee.

Where two gay men of different
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